Meeting Programme 2020

Unless otherwise stated all our meetings are held at Plumley Village Hall (see Club Location for details) and start at 7.30 p.m.

Please contact the Secretary for further details (see Contact Us).


Demonstrator / Event

Turners Competition

Advanced Turners Competition

Thurs. Dec. 19th

Pete Osborn

Hanging Christmas decoration with finial Christmas decoration
Thurs. Jan. 16th..
Paul Hannaby A favourite piece (not previously entered) A favourite piece (not previously entered)
Thurs. Feb. 20th.
Dave 'Atco' Atkinson A Character or Animal A coloured piece
Thurs. March. 19th.
Ray Jones Bowl made from 2 or more woods Lidded box with 2 compartments
Saturday April 18th All day event - Demonstrator Gary Lowe
Thurs. April 16th.
Robert Till Item made from Block of Wood provided by Club (Donate to Club afterwards) Item made from Block of Wood provided by Club (Donate to Club afterwards)
Thurs May 21st.
Dave 'Ako' Atkinson 'Pot pourri' vessel Segmented vessel
Thurs. June 18st
Albert Harrison Bud Vase Natural Edge item
Thurs. July 16th. Randall Marr Natural Edge item Maple Leaf bowl
Thurs. Aug 20th.
Emma Cooke 'Tiny Turner@ Platter - 7" or more Favourite item not previously entered
Thurs. Sept. 17th.
Andy Roundthwaite Goblet Vase
Thurs. Oct. 15th
Michael Taylor Money Box) Item with 'captured rings')
Thurs. Nov. 15th.
Richard Kennedy Xmas Decoration Involuted Christmas decoration
Thurs. Dec. 10th
Rick Dobney Snowman Turned item NOT of wood